We all have great ideas, big dreams, and hidden talents that we'd love to put on display, but doing something can be a lot trickier than simply talking about it...


Time to knock down the roadblocks, let those superpowers shine, and build your confidence so great that nothing can stand in your way!


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Let's jump in...

First, a few free resources for a glimpse into what we're here to do:

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Finding your own way

Similar to how none of us are made the same way, nor should we expect to succeed in the same way. An important part of your confidence journey will be identifying your strengths, learning how to use them to reach certain goals, and getting comfortable with your most authentic you. Sounds simple enough, right? But I can't tell you the number of times I've heard the excuse "but I can't do what you do"...well, honey...you're not supposed to. You'll succeed best by finding your own way to do things! So let's explore that together. 

Where the REAL work starts...

If you're ready to convert confidence into your dream commission, whether that means taking your business next level, a career change, or re-entry back into the working world, then get started here:

The Mama Comeback Workshop

Time to rise up together, ladies, and create the space and the support that women and moms deserve as we navigate the massive transitions of motherhood and tackle the big "what's next" question as our kids get older.

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The Confidence Quickie Course

The ultimate DIY quickie course to do on your time. It'll give you the tools to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses, identify and tackle roadblocks, and build the confidence to take your business to the next level!

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Confidence on Camera

Having the confidence to take and share personal pictures, go live on social media, and/or post videos on social can be a truly frightening experience for some people...but it doesn't have to be. Let me help you see the fun value in pictures and videos, and how to create them with ease and confidence in this mini course!

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Tips on Time

Time is the #1 excuse...the easiest scapegoat for why we don't start or why we can't succeed. It's not the right time, not enough time, etc. In this mini course I'll introduce you to simple time management tips to help you accomplish your goals with more ease and realize that you in fact have time for anything you choose to have time for.

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Private Coaching

Experience big breakthroughs in one on one sessions with me! Get ready to deep dive together into all the things, exposing what's holding you back; identifying your superpowers and how to use them to reach goals; and, turning new-found confidence into the commission of your dreams!

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A little about me...

I'm Sally, an attorney turned stay-at-home mom and entrepreneur. From blogging to building a direct sales team of 1200 fellow entrepreneurs, and simply listening to the women around me, one thing I've observed over time is how many incredible women out there lack the confidence to follow their instincts, and write their own stories of success. We stay at jobs we don't enjoy because it's the easy or more socially accepted option. We say no to opportunity, fearing stigmas and judgment. And some of us are just too scared to get back out there at all.

I'm sorry, but just...no. We deserve better than that!


So that's what we're here to work on, ladies - building the confidence to claim the life that we want, because confidence is at the heart of everything we do, say, and think! And we deserve it all - joy, fulfillment, income, flexibility, family... 

Now let's explore the "how" together. 

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Do you coach a sales team?

Let's work together to inspire your team to next level performance with a confidence-building power hour, or learn about my affiliate offerings!

Do you coach a sales team?

Let's work together to inspire your team to next level performance with a confidence-building power hour, or learn more about my affiliate offerings!