About me

Hi, I’m Sally!


And my hope here is to use this platform to empower my fellow moms, women, and entrepreneurs with the confidence to follow their instincts, hearts and natural talents to a more fulfilling, more joyful path ahead.


After choosing to shelf my law degree to be home with my 3 kids, I got restless. As much as I loved being home with them, I felt like I was personally disappearing into a sea of pull ups and playdates. I felt torn between finding personal fulfillment and being there 100% for my family. Sound familiar to anyone?


Well instinct took over, I started saying yes to opportunity, and I've since navigated my way through the worlds of blogging and direct sales, discovering all sorts of new skills along the way...and here are 2 things I've learned:


1. it's a thrill to play a part in empowering the women around me, and

2. my experience has given me a lot to offer, so here I am!


Getting to know me:


1. I'm a mom of 3, a youth basketball and softball coach, a dog mom, a wife, a direct sales gigger with a team of 1200 fellow go-getters, a beach, wine and margarita lover, laid back on the surface, but a feisty Bostonian at heart, and your ultimate hype girl (ask my kids). 

2. I like a good challenge - work hard, play hard, and whether it's a hat, vacation or bragging rights on the line, give it to me lol!

3. Imo success is a pretty simple formula of motivation + confidence + action. I emphasize confidence, because in all my experience, observation, and coaching, I've found often at the root of it all is confidence. It ties into everything from our thoughts and actions to successes and failures.

4. Laugh lots. If you're not finding the joy in life, then it's time for a change.

Now time to do great things together!

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The Mama Comeback

Perfect for the stay at home mom looking to reenter the work force in any capacity, for any reason - personal fulfillment, time with other adults in "real" clothes lol, income, anything! We'll explore where you're coming from, and work towards planning your next move - your magical comeback to the workforce...on your terms!